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Design & Development

Our designers and developers got you covered. Our design services include graphic design (web & print), photography styling, content creation including video, and product design. We have designers that specialize in various fields of design and portfolios demonstrating relevant projects are available upon request.

We’re a one-stop-shop and can implement our designs for you as well. We employ a range of modern technologies to meet our customer’s needs and help them grow with the demands of today’s market. We combine our design, marketing, and technology prowess to drive innovation and help you get ahead of the competition. Our core development competencies are in Magento, Shopify, Squarespace, Figma, and WordPress.

Approach & Methodology

To reach our target successfully, we have established a reliable methodology that helps us navigate through the complex development process.

Starting with good communication, we establish a healthy relationship that will lead to strong collaboration in ideation. We listen to you, taking the time to understand your ideas and find the best way to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

You’re involved throughout the entire process. Here’s how it works:

Discovery. Every project’s success relies on thorough planning. To say this is a crucial step in the process is an understatement. During the discovery phase, we learn everything we can about you and your project: your needs, wants, desires, current processes- all of it. Then we develop a detailed roadmap with your participation that meets the project objectives (above and beyond is our goal).

Architecture. After discovering and a thorough understanding of the project ahead of us, we develop concrete specifications, sitemaps, user workflows, and wireframes (the blueprint for your web development project). The architecture phase deliverables ensure the project stays on track and all team members are clearly aligned around the same goals and what the specific deliverables to achieve those goals are. We’ll keep you close during this phase to make sure our interpretations from the discovery phase are aligned with your vision.

Design. Here’s where it gets creative! Form and functionality come hand in hand. Now that a plan is in place, the design team can begin executing a thoughtfully crafted user experience that meets your usability, functionality, and overall business objectives. This process combines visual design as well as technical requirements to ensure your website looks beautiful across any device and is accessible to as many users as possible. Attention to detail is everything- and this is where our team thrives. You’re included in the process to help navigate design directions as the team iterates on the design directions.

Development. As the Design team is working with you on visual design, our team of experienced web developers is building the engine and functionality that brings your project to life. Unless you’re a developer you probably won’t be hands-on during this phase, but hopefully, that’s why you hired us.

Testing And Delivery. Our goal is to deliver a bug-proof, cross-browser compatible, thoroughly tested website. We perform extensive quality assurance tests on all parts of the website so that when your site goes live, you can be assured that we have taken care of everything and your customers or users will be delighted with the outcome. This phase also includes training for your team so that you’re confident in your new website’s capabilities and features.

Ongoing Support. After the Delivery phase, hopefully, our relationship is just getting started. We will continue to support your needs – website upgrades, enhancing security to protect you from new threats, and adding new features if you like.

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